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Professional Wedding Ceremony Officiant

Nothing brings me greater joy than being a part of such a sacred and momentous occasion in a couple’s life. I am humbled when asked to officiate at a wedding as it is a honor that has been bestowed upon me.  When I first became a Minister, so many moons ago, women ministers simply were not out there. The very first wedding I officiated at a nun came out of the audience and hugged me, congratulating me for being brave enough to be a female minister, and how much she admired what I was doing! I was literally shaking in my robes at that first wedding -- there is also a story behind that! Soon after, I took a hiatus to pursue my legal career and accidentally fell back into officiating at weddings when my own daughter asked me to perform her ceremony! I was a nervous wreck! Try marrying your daughter without becoming a teary-eyed blubbering mass of nerves! It was 100 degrees that day, and I was also helping with the decorating, etc. We were all but soggy and whipped by time 6:00 p.m. rolled around. Regardless, I managed to pull it off, and yes, there was not a dry eye left in that audience when I finished. I think I was the only one who managed to hold back the tears. My business as an officiate once again took off.

II reside in downtown Charlotte, NC, in the heart of the city! I have been a hired speaker at events in the role of Executive Director of a N.C. commodity group, and have worked as an Alcohol and Abuse Counselor.  I have also worked as a hypnotherapist having graduated from the only accredited schools in the USA.  In short... I offer a calming space for my couples.

A side note: My very first wedding that I officiated at where the nun congratulated me -- was also the Church where my husband and I were married at in 1983. Surely a sign that officiating weddings was meant to be! Special Note: The background picture is of me and my two daughters, and at that time the temperature was 101 degrees. She picked out my dress - I normally wear minister robes. It was hot!  Whew!


Very important: I am a  Certified Minister of a legally registered Church in the State of North Carolina - The Embodiment of God Church. Our belief is that based on free-will and acceptance.  We believe that we are the embodiment of God and that each day we should live our lives in a Godly and goodly manner. We do not judge and respect all beliefs or non-beliefs. To each his own.  I am also the Founder of the N.C. Professional Officiant Association, an organization formed to assure professionalism, ethics, and industry standards for officiants throughout the State of North Carolina. 

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posted 11/27/2018 by Shawna B (updated 11/27/2018)
Reverend Camille was absolutely amazing! We wanted something simple, but special. She emailed us several ideas, which walked us through the entire ceremony. We were able to choose what we wanted her to say and then everything she added on her own made the ceremony very special. She also asked some very important questions up front so she could give us the best ceremony. She made it so easy for us and she was so warm. Everything she said during the ceremony was so meaningful and heartfelt. We really felt like she was part of the family right when we met her. She came to the cabin where we were staying, surrounded by our family. She made it perfect! I would absolutely refer her to everyone and we loved our ceremony!

posted 05/28/2019 by Sheilla F

Reverend Camille Edwards made my Daughter's Wedding so beautiful. Her exceptional dedication to the service performed was so professional yet personal. This was the most beautiful service I have ever attended. I would gladly recommend her to anyone wanting to get married.

posted 04/17/2019 by Melinda R

As the mother of the bride, I could not have been more pleased with Rev. Camille Edwards. She was warm and friendly towards the entire wedding party, the guests, and the parents of the couple. She was professional, funny, and compassionate, and I could not have imagined a better officiant for my daughter's wedding.

Posted 12/21/2018 by Jennifer F
Reverend Camille was wonderful! We notified her through the Knot, she got back to us within 10 minutes. She set up our entire elopement and it was absolutely stunning! She was very professional, warm and compassionate. She made us feel very comfortable immediately. She even gathered witnesses for us. Reverend Camille, thank you for everything.

posted 05/12/2019 by Leah J

Reverend Camille was so great to work with! Great communication throughout the entire process and so kind. She helped us combine all the elements we wanted into a cohesive, beautiful ceremony and her performance of the ceremony was just perfect! I really feel she helped make our day special and just how we wanted it. I wouldn't change a thing and highly recommend!

posted 05/04/2019 by Jennifer F

Rev. Camille was wonderful. She let us be part of creating the ceremony, which added specials details. All we had to do was show up with the license and witnesses. She took care of everything else. Her website is where I found her and I knew right away she was who I wanted to perform the ceremony. No disappointment at all.

posted 05/30/2019 by Charlenne O

Reverend Edwards was a joy to work with! She was very accommodating of a tight schedule and worked with us every step of the way. We were in a bind because we had been planning the wedding and then I received a promotion and we had to put the wedding planning on hold while we attempted to sell or house and move to a new city. Two months before the wedding I reached out to Reverend Edwards to see if she could perform our ceremony and right away she was amazingly helpful.
She drafted a beautiful script, listening to our wishes, as well as our parents wishes. We met a few days before the ceremony to walk things through and her calm demeanor really put us both at ease.
On the day of the ceremony she arrived early, even helping to set things up! She was very caring and professional throughout the entire event and I couldn't have asked for a better person to have performed our wedding!

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