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Some things can't wait!

So! You had your wedding all planned and then you got that dreaded call... you venue was canceling your big day!  You had big plans after the wedding; buying your first home together, starting a business together, insurance, savings, etc.  Can you afford to wait another year?

Did you know that in North Carolina that to buy a home both names need to be on the Deed of Trust or you are just out of luck if something happens in the future unless you have a really good lawyer!  Never buy a home together unless BOTH names are on that Deed of Trust!  And, don't let someone convince you otherwise unless it is legally in your favor.  Ask any lawyer. 

Couples finding that some things can't be delayed due to legal and financial issues are choosing to privately elope and schedule their wedding ceremony in 2021.  Some choose to tell others, while others keep it secret until the ceremony.  I have married several couples who were already married and no one knew!

These strange times are why I have opened up my home to assist these couples by providing a formal setting for the vows to be said by a real minister.  

Weigh out your legal and financial reasons and if they weigh in for marriage, give me a call!


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