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Minister Ordination Classes

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Setting the Standard for Excellence!

Your True Calling is that you want to see people happy and in love!  You want to be a part of that miracle of marriage, helping to share love between two special people.  I know that for me it brings me great joy to be a part of such a special day in the lives of people. Or perhaps you are already a marriage officiant who started with an on-line ordination and am still unclear on laws and how to better serve your client?

An interesting fact: While on-line ordination is growing in popularity, there is a “legal side” to that trend here in North Carolina. Did you know that in a Court of Law that your on-line ordination can be protested? That your credentials could be challenged? Where does that leave your liable in the event your client loses their case? Honestly. I would not want to go there! And, did you know that both the State of Virginia and Tennessee have outlawed online officiants? So, what the future holds for online officiants may be iffy at best if we don’t protect ourselves in our business.

We are a legal non-profit Church in the State of North Carolina - The Embodiment of God Church (“ECG”).  I have been in the wedding business since the 90’s being one of the first few female ordained ministers in Charlotte when I first started.  We know the ins and outs of the wedding business.  Our instructors all have experience in the industry of both wedding and ministries.  At EGC we train and certify Marriage and Ceremonial Officiants stressing professionalism and knowing the laws involved with the marriage business. ECG offers an on-line, at your own pace training and, certification to become a marriage officiant. We require the education first before we award the ordainment.  The subjects that will be reviewed are:

Part One:

Becoming a Minister for The Embodiment of God Church
Reviewing the Bylaws of the Church
Understanding your role and the Mission of The Embodiment of God Church

Part Two:

Ceremony Packages
A Review of Marriage Licenses – Am I legal in this County? In this State
Your Responsibilities as Ceremony Officiants
Can I do fee-based pre-marriage counseling for couples?
Do I need insurance?
What does the State or Federal Government require in Church documents?

Cost: $150 (Classes start in October 2020)

The Embodiment of God Church is a non-denominational and non-specific ideology Church designed to be available to those of all beliefs/faiths. The concept is that our body is our temple and through self we embody all that is God and Good. You/we are the Church.

As a Minister off EGC we swear to a standard of professionalism of service to the public that will bring credit and recognition to EGC, the profession and its individual members.  We will set the standard!

Upon completion of the course you will be ordained as a Minister of The Embodiment of God Church, a Certification of Graduation, and 1-year free membership to the N.C. Professional Officiant Association ("NCPOA").

As a member of NCPOA, an annual meeting will be held to review the year and upcoming trends in the wedding industry.  This association is for anyone in the wedding industry. 

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